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Type: Casino


Language: French / English

Game description: Online Bingo is played in the style of classic 75 ball bingo. The game consists of a 5 * 5 grid that must fulfill some or all of the boxes depending on the type of game that we have chosen.

You can play alone against the computer or against other opponents over the Internet.

You start the game with $ 1,000 (virtual), and every Friday, if your account is below the $ 1000, you play back up to your original amount.

A classification is available on

This ranking will be used to select the top 10 weekly for a special part.

This part can give you a promo code for one of the games of Viridis cosmos Games.

This special bingo will be held on Thursday at 20:00 (GMT) only if at least 25 players listed in the ranking.