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Type: Arcade / Action


Language: French / English

Game description: Kin City ... A peaceful aspect, but in reality the territory of the powerful and terrible Mr. Kin, businessman and mobster who controls all the networks of banditry.

The police Kin City, reduced to impotence by the maneuvers of Mr. Kin mastering also justice, are among their numbers the twins and Jeff Oliver, young, enthusiastic and martial arts experts.

death in service of one of their teammates, Jeff and Oliver decide to resign from the police to themselves do justice to all victims of Mr. Kin.

Now, with the help of Ben, a former colleague who provides all the information, the twins vigilantes chased the men of Mr. Kin.

Control in solo or multiplayer WiFi, Jeff and Oliver through 8 levels you will encounter enemies more dangerous to finally confront and defeat the terrible Mr. Kin.

Game available in French and English