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Type: Adventure - RPG

System: Windows XP and more

API required: DirectX 9.Oc update april 2005 and more

Language: French, English

Game description: StoneQuest is an adventure game halfway between a classic RPG and a game like 'Zelda'. This adventure will train you in a magical world populated by legends, demons and magical creatures.

The adventure: The all-powerful king of demons, Turannos has kidnapped your friend Kira in his fortress on an unreachable island in order to marry her forcibly. You will find a way to visit this island. But you must first eliminate all the demons guarding the castles of different countries. Many surprises await you in your quest ...

Feel free to download a demo containing the first chapter of the adventure.

To order the full version, use the link below:
This is the introductory video game: fast asleep, a young magician, had a strange dream but this dream is really natural?
This video will give you a preview of the StoneQuest's gameplay, it's not a classic RPG, many quests and traps you will think of an adventure game like 'Zelda'
StoneQuest is many hours of gameplay in a fantasy world if you're interested, use the link below: